Katameya Heights Golf and Tennis Resort

Egypt has not traditionally been known as a golf destination. This changed however with the opening of the first true Championship Golf Course. Since January 1997, Katameya Heights Golf & Tennis Resort has been a fully operational resort community for those who love the challenge of golf and tennis, while enjoying a wide variety of recreational and social facilities. Just 20 minutes from Cairo’s International Airport and conveniently located between Cairo’s distinguished districts of Heliopolis and Maadi.

This 5 star deluxe resort features 27 holes of championship golf, practice facilities and a golf academy. Set amid endless rolling hills of golfing green, our Clubhouse stands in recognized glory with restaurants, lounges, bars, a swimming pool, health spa, state of the art fitness center and a fully stocked Pro shop.

Katameya Heights is also the site of the prestigious “El Shafei Tennis Ranch”, the perfect facility for tennis in a lively atmosphere. Our children’s Clubhouse “The Hangout” is dedicated to provide everything our junior members could wish for. 

Receiving worldwide critical acclaim from the international media, Katameya Heights development also includes 280 luxurious villas overlooking nearly 250 acres of green fairways surrounded by golden desert sand. Future plans include a hotel with conference facilities, the development of squash courts, which are expected to be operational by the end of 1999.

Eighteen Hole Course

Hole 1
Par 4
380 yards

This opening hole places a premium on accuracy and not distance off the tee. OB aligns both
sides of the fairways, which slopes to the right at the landing area. The large green is guarded
to the front left and back right by bunkers. Making par is a good start!

Hole 2
Par 4
325 yards

This short dogleg plays downwind and is one of the few birdie holes on the front nine. Big
hitters can try to drive to the green by cutting the corner over the palms on the left. The
undulating tiered green is guarded to the right by cavernous bunker and a steep hill.

Hole 3
Par 3
170 yards

This straightforward par three rewards the conservative middle of the green tee shot. Like the
second hole, the green is on a hillside, balls missed to the right will catch a deep bunker or roll
down the hill.

Hole 4
Par 5
520 yards

This dogleg par 5 begins with an elevated tee shot to the fairway below. Second and third
shots are straight uphill. The fairway is bordered by waste areas and narrows as it approaches
the large green, bunkered to the front right.

Hole 5
Par 4
450 yards

Rated the hardest hole on the course, length off the tee is a premium. A well stuck drive will
leave a long iron or even a fairway wood from a downhill lie to a green guarded by four
bunkers and a pond to the right.

Hole 6
Par 5
540 yards

The toughest par five on the course plays uphill, dead into the wind, has OB down the left, a
pond to the right of the tee and waste areas aligning the fairway on both sides. The green is
elevated with bunkers to the left, right and back.

Hole 7
Par 4
390 yards

This long dogleg par four has a well situated fairway bunker to the right, demanding a straight
tee shot. The large tiered green is guarded by three bunkers and is slightly elevated.

Hole 8
Par 3
205 yards

A long iron or fairway wood is needed to reach a large undulating green, guarded by well
placed bunkers. Shots hit long will find the pond.

Hole 9
Par 4
410 yards

The hole doglegs sharply to the left and requires an accurate tee shot. The elevated green is
deep and protected by four bunkers.

Hole 10
Par 4
365 yards

This short dogleg generally plays downwind and is the easiest birdie opportunity on this nine.
Off an elevated tee, big hitters can try to cut the corner and drive the well bunkered green. The
undulating fairway will seldom give you an even lie on approach shots.

Hole 11
Par 3
170 yards

This short par three plays straight uphill to a green, which is guarded three bunkers. Small
plateaus are situated in front of the green to stop balls hit short form rolling back down slope.

Hole 12
Par 5
560 yards

This par 5 doglegs to the right, but slopes to the left. Two fairway traps and OB to the right
come into play on your second shot. The large green is elevated and guarded by bunkers left and right.

Hole 13
Par 4
360 yards

This dogleg left is bordered by palms and waste areas down both sides of the fairways. The
putting surface is slightly elevated. Bunkers to the back left and right will see a lot of balls, so
too will the pond, which eats up, misses long or right.

Hole 14
Par 4
410 yards

This difficult hole plays straight uphill, and will require most to be hitting long iron second shots
into a green which is elevated and bunkered to the left. Approach shots landing short will
trickle back down the slope, making par a difficult score.

Hole 15
Par 5
535 yards

Standing higher than the great pyramids, our signature hole offers a breathtaking view from the
elevated tee 40 meters above the landing area below. The fairway doglegs around a pond to
the left, and traps come into play on second shots. The green is large and framed by bunkers.

Hole 16
Par 3
190 yards

Playing dead into the prevailing wind from an elevated tee to an elevated green. 16 is the
toughest par three on the course. Both distance and accuracy are needed. Miss-hits short will
either find one of the two bunkers in the front or trickle back down the hill.

Hole 17
Par 4
385 yards

This par 4 has OB to the right and a large pond to negotiate. Approach shots are hit over
water to a large green with bunkers front right and in the back. Miss hits short, long or to the
left will be wet.

Hole 18
Par 4
415 yards

Extremely long, straight uphill, a narrow fairway with OB on the right and generally playing
straight into the wind, 18 is one of the toughest holes on the course. Even long hitters will be
struggling to reach this green in two shots. Regulation pars will be few and far between.

Holes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN Total
Black 380 325 170 520 450 540 390 205 410 3,390 365 170 560 360 410 535 190 385 415 3,390 6,780
Gold 350 305 160 500 420 510 365 185 380 3,165 335 165 530 330 370 515 170 360 390 3,175 6,340
Blue 320 280 140 470 380 480 325 170 355 2,920 315 150 505 305 340 485 160 325 355 2,940 5,860
White 300 260 120 450 360 455 310 155 330 2,740 295 140 475 290 325 465 140 305 335 2,770 5,510
Red 285 245 105 425 340 435 295 150 310 2,590 280 125 455 270 225 440 135 285 300 2,515 5,105
Par 4 4 3 5 4 5 4 3 4 36 4 3 5 4 4 5 3 4 4 36 72
Handicap 7 17 15 11 1 5 3 13 9   18 14 6 16 2 10 8 12 4    

Nine Hole Course

Hole 1
Par 3
170 yards

With the prevailing wind in your back, this par three plays shorter than it looks. Bunkers guard
the front right and left of this undulating green. Tee shots left and short will trickle down in to
grass depressions.

Hole 2
Par 4
315 yards

Grip it and rip it! A very wide landing area and wind at your back allows you to come out of
your shoes and still find the short fairway grass. Long hitters may want to cut the corner of this
dogleg left in hopes of reaching the green. A steep ridge runs through the middle of this green
requiring an accurate approach shot.

Hole 3
Par 4
385 yards

One of the most scenic tee shots of Katameya! Downhill with a lake and golf course as the
backdrop takes your breath away. This long par 4 into the wind will test your golfing skills. A
well-placed bunker on the left side of the fairway will catch a few balls. Be aware of the pin
placement on this green as it is multi-tiered and slopes from left to right.

Hole 4
Par 4
290 yards

This short par 4 is guarded by a lake on the right and two fairway bunkers on the left. A good
straight tee shot leaves a short wedge into an undulating green protected by two traps. The traps really come into play with a far left or far right pin replacement.

Hole 5
Par 3

Hole 8
Par 4
365 yards

A good drive up the middle leaves a straight approach shot to the green on this uphill, dogleg to the left par 4. Balls missed left off the tee may find the fairway bunker. The second shot usually plays into the wind.

Hole 9
Par 4
285 yards

This short par 4 can be rewarding or damaging to your score. Water to the right and O. B. to
the left demand a straight, downhill tee shot to a narrow landing area. Once there, a short uphill
wedge is all that is left to an undulating green.

Holes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
Black 185 340 410 315 165 505 370 390 305 2,985
Gold 170 315 385 290 150 480 345 365 285 2,785
Blue 160 280 345 265 135 450 315 330 255 2,535
White 145 265 325 250 120 420 300 310 240 2,375
Red 135 250 315 225 95 400 275 290 224 2,210
Par 3 4 4 4 3 5 4 4 4 35
Handicap 6 9 3 5 4 1 8 2 7  

About the Course:  18-hole Championship Course, Par 72, 6780 yards, rating 72, five tees; 9-hole course, par 35, 2985 yards
Who can Play:  Annual memberships, daily golf for guests of members, tourist groups and hotel guests welcome weekdays with prior reservations
Golf Services:  Pro Shop, caddies, power carts, pull carts, driving range, tournaments, food and beverage on the course
Learning to Play:  Golf Pros, lessons, video swing analysis, golf academy
About the Clubhouse:   Two restaurants, two bars, billiards, satellite television, function room, fitness center, sauna, steam, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, professional trainers, life guards
Other Facilities:  Tennis Academy with 10 clay courts, tennis pro, lessons, all level tennis programs, pro shop, cafeteria, swimming pool, squash, gymnasium; separate children's clubhouse with two heated swimming pools, outdoor playground, two indoor playrooms, restaurant, nursery, clinic

Katameya Heights Golf & Tennis Resort
New Cairo City (Fifth District), Ring Road
PO Box 5984, West Heliopolis, Postal Code 11771
Cairo, Egypt.