Fayoum City Tour
Full Day
Cairo / Fayoum / Cairo

Pyramids of Giza
Pick up from your hotel. Start your trip to Fayoum passing by the Pyramids of Giza.

Kom Oshim
Stop for breakfast at kom Oshim.
Pharaonic Sites
Visit the Pharaonic sites starting by the granite obelisk and the Pyramid of Lahun and Hawara.
then drive on and through the fields in search of 7 waterwheels situated in a refreshing agricultural setting.
Grain mill
Continue on to a still working grain mill powered by water.

Lake Qaroun
Oriental lunch will be served on the lake.
Local market
(souk) On to Fayoum City and its souks (copper ware, spices and gold jewelry "there's a special pottery market once a week").
The Hanging Mosque
Opposite the souk is the hanging mosque.
Ain EL-Siliyiin

Sunset tea around Ain El-Silyiin spring.
view the remains of Karanis and visit the Site Museum.
Enjoy your drive back to