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Egypt Cruises Guide


Cruises Information

  Weekly Luxor / Aswan 5 stars Nile Cruise Embarkation dates:

From Aswan to Luxor: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday  [3 nights]
From Luxor to Aswan: Saturday, Sunday & Monday      [3 nights]
From Luxor to Aswan: Saturday & Monday                     [4 nights]
From Luxor to Luxor:  Saturday & Monday                     [6 nights]

   What to visit in Cruise trip ( Classical Tour):

In Luxor: Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley & tombs of Kings, Valley & tombs of Queens, Queen Hatshipsut Temple and two Colossi of Memnon.
In Edfu: Edfu city & Horus Temple.
In Kom Ombo: Kom Ombo city,
Sobek & Heroeris Temples.
In Aswan: The High Dam, Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk, Botanical Gardens and Elephantine Islands.

The Nile Cruise Name or Program sequence (not the visit's sights) may change due to the navigational & the security restrictions.

***Sailing the Nile with typical Egyptian feluccas***

Nubian sailors welcome you aboard the typical Nile felucca with its up to nine meters high mast and triangular sail, which is in use since ancient times. An average felucca takes 10 passengers. The space between the benches is used for storing luggage and covered by planks, which form the deck. Rugs are provided for comfortable sitting. Sailing usually starts at 8.00a.m., with stops for lunch.  The Nile valley between Luxor and Aswan is considered the most beautiful stretch of landscape in Egypt. Lush vegetation on the riverbanks contrasts sharply with golden sand dunes and rock formations in the background. You pass colorful Upper Egyptian and Nubian villages, cattle bathing and children splashing in the water. In Kom Ombo visit to the Ptolemaic twin temples set between reeds and islets used for grazing. Another attraction is a stroll through the lively camel market in the Upper Egyptian hamlet of Darau (Tuesdays only!). In Edfu you'll see the temple of Horus, nearly fully preserved and dating back to the Ptolemaic kings. Especially beautiful are the Nile islands of Aswan, set in front of a desert background.

Days begin with breakfast on board, consisting of coffee or tea, cheese, eggs, jam, and bread. Sometimes there are foul beans or eggs with tomato sauce. At noon there is a break for lunch. Usually lunch is the lightest meal of the day and consists of different kind of cheese and vegetables, or scrambled  eggs with bread and salad, tuna fish or the like, with tea or coffee afterwards. About 1hr before sunset the boatman starts to prepare for the night. Dinner is cooked in the Upper Egyptian or Nubian way and spicy. It is the main meal of the day and leisurely prepared: soup of the day, rice or pasta and vegetables with meat or chicken, fruit for dessert and coffee or tea. During the night the deck is covered with a kind of tent, which opens to one side for ventilation.

Four or five days aboard a felucca can be combined with an extension in Luxor and /or Aswan, as well as a tour to the Western oases, and a short stay in Cairo!

We also organize programs individually and according to your preferences.